I Love to Sing !

I love to sing and to play guitar and that is why I recorded some songs that I would like to share with you on the internet. For the last songs, I use the Presonus Studio one Artist software and audiobox. The bible encourages us to sing to the Lord. It engages the whole self in prayer. Some songs I sing are worship songs. I hope you will enjoy listening. If you wish to support my website, than you are welcome to donate something.


Amazing Grace
Bright Eyes
Sailing Home
Les Garçons et les filles
It takes Tree
The Rose
May the words
As the Deer
My Refuge
God will make a Way
Jezus is Koning
Freedom knows myname
Hold on
Channel of your Love
The father's love
Only by Grace
Ik was Hongerig
Laat ons een bloem
Lord I hope
Voor een vriend
Michael Jackson
Ik zie het kruis
Uw nabijheid geneest
Alles wat ik heb
Maak ons tot een licht
We rest in thee
There is a redeemer
Mozes and the Lamb
Days of Elijah
Agnus Dei
Lord of my heart
Annie's song
The Saints
Come all ye faithfull
Drummer Boy


About me:

I love a wide array of music but especially praise and worship and the old christian hymnes. I followed one year of gitar lessons at the music conservatory and attended for a while the church choir. I also love to be creative. If you would like to see some of my paintings, than be welcome to visit my art website Oyiyi Art. Another favorite activity of mine is making websites and on Sitesett I tell you more about how I do that. To know my opinion about certain topics like health, politics, psychology you can visit my blog The Right Time


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